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FAA General Aviation Awards

We are very excited to announce the selection of Area Honorees for the 2018 General Aviation Awards. This year the FAA reorganized offices and no longer has “Regions” per se.  For our purposes, we divided offices into areas according to which time zone they are located.  Here are our 2018 Area Honorees:

FAAST Blast — Week of Jan. 22, 2018


FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

FAAST Blast — Super Bowl NOTAM, AD Issued for Piper Fuel Tank Selector Placards, How to Talk Like a Pilot
Notice Number: NOTC7579

FAAST Blast — Week of Jan. 22, 2018 – Jan. 28, 2018
Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update


Special Air Traffic Procedures for Super Bowl LII

Your ADS-B Questions Answered: Get the Facts Here

FAA Safety Team Notice Number: NOTC7575

Question: Will the January 1, 2020 ADS-B Out compliance date be extended? And is it true that the airlines have been allowed to delay their installation?   


Answer: The FAA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the January 1, 2020 ADS-B Out compliance date.


FAA Safety Team Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown
Notice Number: NOTC7573

The FAASTeam is currently shut down because of a lapse in appropriations. This prohibits FAA employees from being available to facilitate, present, or attend safety seminars. We will also not have access to our system to cancel meetings. There is potential that you will arrive at a safety meeting, and find there is no one to provide the meeting.